Ok, but how much can i get for this pair or that ?


If you have made up your mind and would like to sell some of your old shoes, then please write a message (via contact) and sent a picture of the shoes attached.

Here is a list of what i usually pay for worn footwear.

Used Kids´Shoes (all kinds) (Sizes 10 – 4.5Y) : $20-35/pair    
Used Kids´Sneakers (incl. Basketball High-Tops) Kids-Sizes 9 – 6Y : $30-50/pair    
Used Sneakers (incl. Basketball-High-Tops) Youths Sizes : $30-50/pair    
Used Kids´s Sandals / House-Slippers (All sizes) : $10-20/pair    
Used Kids´/ Teens Skatershoes (All sizes & conditions) : $25-50/pair    
Used Kids´Boots / Winterboots (Sizes 10-4.5Y) : $15-35/pair    
Used Kids´ Socks & Tights (All sizes & conditions) : $5-15/pair    

Used Women´s Shoes (All kinds) : : $ 15-30/pair
Used Women´s Sneakers/Running Shoes : $ 30-45/pair
Used Women´s Socks : $ 5-15/pair

P.S. : I am only looking for footwear that has an odor to it and that has still been worn recently. That´s why i collect it. No shoes please that have stood in a closet or something for years. The stinkiest shoes/socks will be rewarded with a bonus. (Meaning i will transfer an extra amount of money to the sender. 🙂 I´m hoping for some permanent shoe sell/purchase-partnerships and that´s a way for me to filter out seller´s who send me shoes that don´t have a smell left to them. “Yeah, i know that might sound ridiculous perhaps, but i mean that seriously”. I definately need some more stinky shoes in my collection. 🙂

-Regards, Markus