Don´t throw shoes away – sell them !!

Who am I, what do i want here and what is this about ? (Will scare off many readers, i guess).

Hello, i am Markus and i am this and that and a lot more + i am collecting used footwear from all around the world.

Since i was litle, i´ve always had an obsession with “secretly or not” smelling other kids feet and shoes and since this has never changed, i am not ashamed outing myself as a passionate shoe-lover and -addict. Yes, it seems like a strange passion and disgusts many, but it is neither bad, nor perverted, nor weird to love something only because the majority doesn´t.

I like women´s feet also but i even adore kidsfeet. “I mean, which mom is not in love with the cute little feetsies of their baby or toddler” ?! Are they perverted also then ?! NO, because little feet are just super adorable and kissable. And if you love, than you likely will love this sweet special smell also. That´s how i feel about that and since i cannot just go around and ask strangers (especially children) if i may smell on their feet (would be seen as highly offensive of course), i started collecting worn footwear back in the 90s.

I even find that pretty much all feet are just adorable until they reach puberty. I do not care how people think of me now or if they hate me for this, but i just love the smell of stinky little feet, heavily worn sneakers and sweaty socks. My passion has nothing to do with anything sexual – i´m just in need for the smell. Yes, i do kinda get high on that – high with happiness and a feeling of pure love. “It stirs something in my sub-consciousness like the smell of fresh cut grass or rain on hot concrete or something”. But even more than that. It´s just hard to describe, but i feel like having to do that in order to make you as a reader understand why i love feet and shoes. Many people nowadays are just quick on making assumptions that don´t necessarily have to be true and they are even quicker judging others and having biased opinions about something they don´t know (or want to know). Each individual is different and hence should be seen different.

I began collecting worn kids/youths-shoes as a teen back in the 90s (when they imo were actually much better then most today shoes). They were more colorful, stylisher “and as i remember, mostly had more of a smell when worn, 🙂 “Probably due to other materials that were in use back then”. I am very very much missing 90s Kids-sneakers and yeah, i´m missing the 90s in general. Everything was kind of easier and music was better, too. “I´m not too much of a fan of the 2010s or 2020s”. …

But now back to the topic. (Only continue reading if seeling stuff to a foot-addict like me is ok for you).

Millions of shoes “just in the US”, are yearly ending up in the dumpster after having fulfilled their duty. But there are ways to resell them and by doing so making a bit of money, of course.

If you´re getting crazy with spending so much money on buying your kids new shoes because they outgrow them quicker then you can blink an eye, or if their footwear is beginning to dissolve after a few times wearing because you have a little savage, then i might be your new partner. Maybe next time you and your child are out to get some new kicks, just leave the old ones right in a bag and let your local post office make a package. (Shipping costs will be paid as well).

Please check the following points and make sure that the shoes you are about to sell :

  • are not yet “totally” falling apart
  • are complete (with original inlays and laces)
  • are not cleaned and not treated with any chemicals. Meaning, they have to have a natural foot-odor left. “If you have Kids with little stinky feet, then we might become permanent business-partners even, because their footwear would be my delight and hence raise in value”. 🙂
  • have complete and at least half intact soles (without major holes) / Shoelaces not required but would be nice, since i partially repair and then re-sell many of the shoes.

If you have kids and they´re in need for a new pair of kicks, then why not buy them some with the money you´ll get from me by sending the old ones in return. Because that and maybe even more is the usual price i would pay for a pair of run down, scruffed and stinky old shoes. “You and your child just should be ok with that deal”.

A few years ago, i happened to come across an article about the blooming wholesale business. Since wholesalers only buy and resell very large amounts of material, (i´m talking tons), it´s practically impossible for a business-newbie without an empty storage hall or container somewhere to depot all the stuff, so i´m starting off with smaller amounts. “That´s another reason why i created this wordpress”.

Here is how it works :

For inquiries and if you have shoes for sale please contact via :

General Mail-Address :

Visit E-Bay :

Or follow/contact me on Twitter :

  • Send a message with some photos of the shoes attached.
  • Suggest a price (I usually pay between 10-40 $/pair depending on the style and brand of the shoe + extra for shipping).
  • Send bank-account details for money transfer.
  • Your last step will be to put the shoes in a bag and drop them at your local post office who will make a package for the shipping.

That´s it. I still have permanent partners and it´s a great win-win for both parties, especially if you have a whole bunch of kids always in need for new footwear. Use the money for your next visit at the shoe store, raise the children´s pocket-money or simply keep it to yourself. “And once again, because i absolutely don´t want to come across as a creep or weirdo”. I just love young feet and their “to me” wonderful smell. I already get enough shoes out of shoe-containers but i´d love to “smell” the whole wide world so to speak, 🙂 hence why i´d like to get in touch with families throughout the US and beyond. Perhaps as long-time-partners even.

Contact me by using the links above or feel free to leave a comment !

-Regards, Markus

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